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While carpet tile flooring has traditionally been a popular choice for commercial uses, new trends are giving it a new home in residential applications. And that’s good news for pets.

Pet friendly carpet tile lasts longer and are easier to clean in homes with pets. They’re also easy to install and come in a variety of designs. Here, we’ll briefly discuss the benefits of choosing carpet tile in homes with pets.

Low Pile Fibers Offer Better Durability

Pets can be hard on floors – especially carpet. They are constantly beating it with their claws and nails. And that’s in addition to the ongoing wear against your carpet.

Low pile carpet is engineered to offer exceptional durability – and it’s a defining feature of carpet tile. The low pile build prevents snagging and resists abrasions. The shorter loops of low pile fibers make the carpet more dense, which helps improve durability. Since they’re tightly twisted, carpet tile fibers are also more resistant to matting.

Of course, the carpet’s durability also depends on the type of fiber used. Nylon is the strongest of any carpet fiber. Triexta is also durable and, like nylon, stain-resistant. Both are some of the most popular carpet tile fibers for homes with pets.

Carpet Tile Make it Easier to Clean After Pets

Let’s face it; pets make a mess. They track dirt, drop crumbs, and…have accidents. Fortunately, carpet tile make it easy to clean up after pets. The low pile fibers just don’t leave much room for dirt, dander, and other stuff. Most of it can be vacuumed away with ease, and accidents can be wiped in a matter of minutes (and with minimal effort).

Plus, most carpet tile feature a rubber backing that prevents spills from seeping through to the subfloor (more on that later).

Solution Dyed Fiber Offers More Stain Resistance

Traditionally, carpet has faded over time for a variety of reasons. Small tears in the fibers eventually remove the dye. Frequently cleaning up after pets can also remove the dye over time.

However, solution dyed carpet builds the color into the carpet fibers. Since the color is actually part of the fiber, it’ll never fade from wear or frequent cleanings.

Waterproof Rubber Backing

There’s another hidden concern between pets and carpet that often goes unnoticed. When pets have accidents (or when any spill occurs), moisture soaks through the fiber and often seeps into the subfloor.

Since it’s virtually impossible for this moisture to evaporate, it eventually promotes mold and mildew growth in one of the most difficult places to detect it. This is often the source of odors that seem to come from no where.

Pet friendly carpet tile includes a rubber backing that prevents moisture from seeking into the subfloor. It remains just above the surface, where it can be wiped away with ease.

Note: not all carpet tile has a rubber backing.

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Every home is different, and choosing new floors is a big decision. If you’re ready to make an informed choice for your family, visit your local CarpetsPlus COLORTILE retailer for expert advice and friendly guidance.